The Good Feet Store Franchise Opportunities

Opportunities are currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Story

Good Feet began as a family-owned business in 1992, with a mission to help people who – like the company's founders – suffered tremendous foot and back pain that diminished their quality of life.

Since our first store opening in Australian 2016, The Good Feet Store has fast established a dominant position in the Australian arch support market. Including Australia with the opening of our Newcastle store November 2016.

Good Feet Stores sell a proprietary product line of arch supports – available only at The Good Feet Store – plus a selection of shoes and foot-related accessories.

We’re driven by an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of people’s lives – two feet at a time.

Our core belief is that everyone deserves the ability to live the life they love, without letting their foot-related pain and discomfort unduly limit them. We’ve been helping people do just that for over twenty years – serving over a million people along the way.

The Good Feet Store

Benefits of a Good Feet Store Franchise

  • Serves the needs of a large and broad market:

    people searching for relief of foot, knee, hip, and back pain

  • A category leader

    with few direct competitors

  • Attractive unit level economics:

    a proven model, The Good Feet Store is designed to generate some of the highest sale per square metres in the industry

  • Comprehensive branding and marketing:

    campaign materials and support – broadcast, in-store, online and collateral

The Good Feet Store

What Are The Startup Costs?

Low initial investment with high return on investment potential

With the initial investment estimate for a Good Feet Store ranging between $160,000 and $250,000 (See our Franchise Disclosure Document for more details), Good Feet is a relatively low-cost investment opportunity – especially when compared to other health related and retail franchise opportunities.

Why is our initial investment so low?

Three key reasons:

  1. Our product allows for a small store footprint of 100 to 150 square metres, which reduces real estate and buildout costs

  2. No major capital equipment or significant upfront inventory is required

  3. As a proven franchise with a formula that works, we can keep our fees low so that you have a greater chance of creating a return on your investment in a shorter amount of time

Do You Fit the Good Feet Store Footprint?

Does selling quality products and inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle motivate you? Then a Good Feet franchise might be the perfect business opportunity.

Interested? Then let’s talk. Please contact:

Jarrod Blamey
Master Franchisor Good Feet Australia
02 4957 4230

Frequently Asked Questions

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Reveal FAQ What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial term of the Franchise Agreement is five (5) years. You have the right to renew the Franchise for two (2) successor terms of five (5) years each, provided all the conditions under the Franchise Agreement have been met.

Reveal FAQ What is the Royalty Fee?

Currently Good Feet does not collect a Royalty Fee. In the event Good Feet begins collecting a Royalty Fee during your term, the rate shall not exceed 5% of the store’s monthly gross sales.

Reveal FAQ Is there an Advertising Fund Fee?

Yes our advertising fund is setup to allow our franchisees to have total transparency in our marketing plans and maximise the ROI on our marketing spend. The master office will buy media and advertising through the marketing fund to grow the brand and promote stores in their local DMA.

The franchisees contributed funds are utilised for the above the line media, Google adwords, SEO, social media, creative development and other costs of preparing and producing video, audio, written advertising materials; developing and maintaining an electronic commerce website (including one or more Franchise System Websites); employing advertising, public relations, and media agencies to assist in these activities; and supporting public relations, market research, and other advertising and marketing activities.

Reveal FAQ Does Good Feet provide financing?

We do not provide direct financing. You will need to secure financing for your Franchise through a qualified lender. We are able to provide references to qualified financing or lending agencies that support the franchise industry.

Reveal FAQ What are the qualifications to franchise a Good Feet Store?

You will need at least $ 70,000 liquid cash available (not including real estate purchase costs) for your investment into the business. The ideal candidate should have solid business or retail experience, with strong management skills and business ethics. Candidates should have a customer service mentality, with the desire to enhance the quality of our customers’ lives. Owners must be involved in the management and operation of the store.

Reveal FAQ Do you offer incentive plans for growth?

We currently offer a Franchise Incentive Plan for all qualified existing franchisees. Under the Plan, if an existing franchisee wants store development rights in a new territory, we will offer that franchisee a discounted initial franchise fees for the new Stores to be developed.

Reveal FAQ What type of training do you provide?

You will attend a comprehensive 5-day brand standard training program in our flagship store in Newcastle NSW. We provide follow up training as needed.

Reveal FAQ What are the Good Feet Store hours of operation?

Good Feet Stores typically operate Monday to Wednesday 9am – 5pm, Thusrday 9am – 7pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 4pm.

Reveal FAQ What is the standard Good Feet Store size?

The ideal size range for a Good Feet Store is 100 to 150 square metres.

Reveal FAQ What about inventory?

Good Feet franchisees purchase most products through the Australia / New Zealand Master Franchise. Good Feet does not mandate specific inventory levels. You need only stock what is necessary to meet potential customer demand.

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